No Hat Trick For LiveWire

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All Good Things…

After being gently weaned from Harley Davidson’s teat as a stand-alone brand for electric motorcycles, they have done well. Not in terms of sales or profit obviously. Don’t be silly. There are still close to zero humans out there in the real world buying electric motorcycles. Dutch sales figures, for example, show a barely two per cent market share in bike sales for all electric motorcycles combined.… Read more

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I Think I Hate My Favourite Brand

It is as we feared. Triumph has just announced their ‘brand new motorcycle’. It is called the Daytona 660, and there is bit of a problem with that.

The Love

Now I should start by stating very clearly that I like Triumph a lot.… Read more

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LiveWire S2 Del Mar First Ride

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We Meet At Last

Years ago, we first laid eyes on the concept drawings for a flat tracker styled, electric Harley Davidson motorcycle. We were instantly captivated. The idea of this behemoth of the church of internal combustion attempting something this far left of centre was just wild.

Early signs

Early Impressions

Earlier this year we attended the European launch of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar.… Read more

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Hopes, Dreams & Predictions

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RunningWide’s Crystal Ball for 2023

Can you feel it? That night-before-Christmas-like giddiness. Winter is nearing its end and that means that it is about time to get sucked into a brand new season of motorcycle racing. This very weekend, the World Superbike Championship is going to kick us off in Australia.… Read more

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We Need Gods To Slay

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For the past couple of years, MotoGP fans have seemingly been utterly spoiled. On the starting grid today we find the prototype racers of 6 major manufacturers. All of these bikes have proven beyond doubt to be podium-worthy and even race-winning machines. The gaps between the factory teams and independent squads have diminished so that we frequently see independent riders on pole, on the podium and even on the top step.… Read more

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A Disturbance in the Force

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Men… Middle-aged, bearded, tattooed, leather-clad, bandana loving, chrome-licking, insecure, overcompensating men. Harley Davidson’s target demographic in a nutshell, according to my upbringing. Hence, I have never taken them too seriously. Strangely though, I find myself becoming more and more attracted to them. The brand, that is, not the men.

You see, the social circle I grew up in never cared much for the American bikes.… Read more

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Yamaha Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

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For a three day adventure on Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 Rally Edition, we went to the first place nobody ever thinks of; Lithuania. Our friends at ( run five of these top spec T700s for their guided tours around the, surprisingly beautiful, Lithuanian countryside. While our host, Rik, taught us the fine art of off-roading, we got to familiarize ourselves with the Yamaha.… Read more

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